Meet the Band



Being in an 80's band really appeals to my style of singing.  I love pretty much all 80's music; although Queen to early Marillion and Depeche Mode are my particular favourites. As the vocalist I don't have to lug around loads of heavy gear so on occasion I feel for my band mates,"ha ha ha".  Talking about gear for me Shure microphones always deliver the quality of sound I'm after, coupled with my amps and monitors ensures I can be heard over the rest of the band, as they are a noisy lot. 



Playing guitar is a love of mine that continues to fuel me through projects, and as a guitarist you need some flashy guitars.  My favourite guitar is my Rickenbacker 12 string. I first saw Simple Minds in 1979 supporting a band called Magazine.  In my opinion Minds were better than the headliners!  Ever since then I've been following Minds and jumped at the chance to join a tribute band.  I am looking forward to gigging tracks from my favourite Minds albums, Reel to Reel Cacophony such as Changeling. 



I began playing bass in the 1980s and chose it because I love the sound (not because it has 1 or 2 less strings than guitar - honestly!) The 80s were an interesting time to take up bass because much of the music had the bass quite high in the mix and plenty of challenging or melodic lines for a newbie player to get stuck into. I've played in several bands since then; but this is the first one that allows me to concentrate on my favourite musical decade - and on Simple Minds who endure as one of my favourite bands.   As a result I decided to create a band with my eldest son, playing a tribute to the songs of Simple Minds.     I also play as a dep Bass player for other bands.



As a 22  year old I'm by far the youngest in a band of older......experienced musicians, although I definitely hold my own behind the kit (I like to think so anyway).  I started drumming when I was introduced to my first drum kit at the age of 3, and then proceeded to have lessons for a period of time, although I never really took that much interest in it and never thought about being a musician until I left college, when I was asked to fill in for my dad's then band.  It was only at that point, when I  picked up the sticks and started playing that drumming became serious.  I have been playing at a serious level for over 5 years and have no intention of stopping now!  I jumped at the chance to co-create this band with Chris, playing a tribute to the songs of Simple Minds.   I also play as a dep Drummer for other bands.

John C


Looking forward to introducing our new keyboardist at our next gig at The Cosey Club on 12th October 2018!


Manager, Gig Getter, and Drum Bus Driver :)

Horses are my first love - music my second which is just as well since my husband Chris is the bass player and my eldest son is the drummer in ReMinds.   Unfortunately I cannot play an instrument to save my life - and the only time I sing is on my own in the car - but I love supporting the guys in ReMinds as well as driving the drum bus :)

You can contact me to book the guys for gigs, parties, weddings, events, festivals etc by calling 07957 160333 or email me on [email protected]