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'The best seat in the house' #1


''Hi guys, and welcome to the blog.''

''I'm Luke the drummer in ReMinds, and co-founder with my dad Chris, the bass player.  The 1st thing to note is that founder or not you are essentially a family when you join or create a band whether you just play for fun and only do cover's, or whether your trying to make it big - when you join a band you become part of a family.

Even as a stand in or a session musician, if you have a 'it's only this one gig' or 'it's just a practice'  attitude,  then you're on a loosing streak from the start..  You will be complacent and lapse in your performance and the next thing you know you're the failing member or weak link.   This can then lead to a fall out with the other members; or worse still the band falling apart and breaking up.  

'As ReMinds we may be fairly new on the block but we are already a family and in April 2017 we will be celebrating our first year anniversary.  Our first 12 months have been busy as we''ve played garden party gigs, an engagement party'and even a charity fund raiser, to name just a few.   We've also made a few changes to the previous line up, in which we welcomed Eric to the band as our Vocalist, and what a change. since the introduction of Eric the band has seen a new momentum, and Ii have to say its awesome.'' 

'the best seat in the house' #2



'' Hey guys and gals, the second post since the blog has gone live to give you and idea of the band behind the scenes and what the view is like from behind the drum kit. 

 I mentioned in my last post about how the band act like a team, a family, and that if you don't pull in and contribute then the whole thing will fail.   I sometimes get the look when I tell people that I'm in a band with people almost twice my age (sorry guys haha) , but as of now it's the right place for me and it is a great opportunity. 

I've watched my Dad be a part of a few bands over the last 10 years, and watched him practise his skills and techniques for as long as I can remember - I think it's fair to say that he has been the most instrumental (excuse the pun) in my love of music and playing music.   The most important aspect of being in a band that my Dad looks for is quality, and a commitment to quality - he really sees being in a band as providing a service to those venues and people he plays for - so quality of playing, not quantity is extremely important to him.   One of the last bands he played for before leaving became known as  'the band that shall not be named'  - he left due to lack of quality and their "that will do" attitude.

"The quality of  "the band that shall not be named"  wasn't all bad,  the bass held everything together and kind of covered a multitude of performing sins, the vocals were decent -  where the band fell was the guitar, and the drums gladly the drums weren't due to me.

 Unfortunately the guitarist suffered from that fairly common disease  called 'lead guitarist syndrome' or LGS for short.  Most of you will know what I am taking about - but briefly for those of you that don't - LGS  is where the guitarist in a band has diva like tendencies whilst giving the impression they are a well skilled player.  They believe in their abilities so much that they will tell you that they do not need to  practice, this usually results in a failure to play basic riff's and solo's are a disappointing effort - although they believe this is the way to claim back some glory.   What they do not see is that this just ends up in the whole band looking and performing badly - because of one member.    (Having said this and not to just single out guitarists because not all guitarists are like this - this can be any member of a band including keyboardists etc) .   Made my point yet?  No.....ok.

Going back to 'the band that shall not be named'   -  the drums, the drums oh the drums, (wasn't me by the way).  This is a little different as the player wasn't without some talent.  I have a natural respect for anyone who chooses the drums it's probably the hardest instrument to play well.   The concepts are simple, keep time and that's it,  yet having that natural rhythm isn't something everyone is blessed with.   It's something that I work hard on and practice all the time - but again not everyone is that diligent.    This particular drummer though chose to over do everything he played with what has been dubbed the "Firestarter beat",  (check out the song by the prodigy,  listen to the drums and you'll get it). 

There is nothing wrong with filling out a beat but the issues start when it affects your ability to keep time.   This drummer was all hands, no feet, the bass drum was non existent and all you could hear was snare and the thrashing of cymbals; and the "Firestarter beat" to every single song they played!   Any bass player will tell you that you can't play to that effectively as the drummer's own rhythm is totally compromised.   He also didn't believe in practice either.

From these real life examples I'm hoping to show why holding up your end of the band is vital to the reputation and structure and longevity of the band and it's gigging ability.  

One of the reasons ReMinds work so well together is not just because we have become mates,  but we all put our time into making sure we play for the song, and for each other.   At the end of the day a band's first priority is the music.

Bit of a long post today guys but probably the most important thing to consider when in or thinking of joining a band is are you willing to put the time in.''

An ongoing series of informational entries

We are in the News :)

May 15, 2017

We've been mentioned in the Northwich Guardian Newspaper - check it out here


It's Official!

May 15, 2017

It's Official, we are gigging at The Bridge Inn on 28th May 2017, at the Audlem Festival 2017; Check it out its an amazing weekend!


"This is definitely going to be a night to remember and with this great line-up promises to be our best festival yet"

May 15, 2017

Internationally-acclaimed Brotherhood of Man and Bobby G’s Bucks Fizz will headline this year’s Lift Off festival near Northwich.

These acts will be supported by Cheshire band Reminds, who are back by popular demand. The bands for the rest of the festival plus ticket prices will be announced nearer the time.


Our 2017 Gigs

January 2018

25/02/2017   The Barn Owl Pub

Starts at 9:00pm, Barnton, Cheshire, CW8 1RW


Anderton Beer Festival

Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 6FW


Audlem Music Festival

The Bridge Inn, Audlem, Cheshire,



The Shroppie Fly

Audlem, Cheshire, CW3 0DX


Bailey Audio, Open day

ReMinds on at 7pm

Bailey Audio systems LTD, Genesys Court, Northwich, CW9 7LR


The Raven

Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 6NA


The Kings Arms

Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 2AT


The Cosey Club

Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 5ST


Lift-Off Festival

Anderton, Cheshire, CW9 6FW


The Raven

Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 6NA


Private Party

Middlewich, Cheshire


The Shroppie Fly

Audlem, Cheshire, CW3 0DX


The Raven

Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 6NA


New Year's Eve @ The Royal Oak

Station Road, Biddulph, ST8 6BL

Thank you everyone for such a great year!

Prosecco and gin bar added to the Anderton Boat Lift’s Sixth annual Beer Festival

April 2018

Yay looking forward to this and ReMinds are headlining on Saturday 26th May - I'm driving the drum bus though - so no Prosecco for me unfortunately - I will have to just make do with inhaling the aroma! 😁



Sept 2018

Just wanted to let you know that we will be introducing a new member of the band at our next gig - but to find out who and more you will have to come and see us at The Cosey Club on Friday 12th October 2018 ....... So if you want to find out more - come to The Cosey Club at Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 5ST on Friday 12th October 2018 - oh and don't forget to bring your dancing shoes - See you then!       Love Chanti :)